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Legalechems.com offers prescription and non-prescription drugs and over the counter medications but does not offer controlled prescription drugs. We are a certified member of the Canadian and US International Pharmacy Association.
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Authentic Reviews from REAL Customers Only

Legalechems.com's Shopper Approved reviews and opinions are 100% independent and authentic. Read our more than 230,000 Shopper Approved customer reviews and you'll agree that our reviews are unlike any other US online pharmacy or international drugstore. Legalechems.com is the most independently reviewed and five star rated online pharmacy in the world and is honored to be the only online pharmacy awarded the Shopper Approved 5 star seal.

Learn more about the authenticity of our customer reviews below or start reading Shopper Approved customer reviews about us now

Fake US Pharmacy Reviews are Everywhere but Legalechems.com is Different

Buying drugs online can be fraught with risk given the number of unscrupulous pharmacy websites so it is only natural to check reviews written by other customers of a website to seek some reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable company. But did you know that many such positive "customer reviews" are written by the website owners themselves? And many of the negative reviews are written by competitors. The problem of fake customer testimonials is so pervasive that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission published new rules in 2009 to govern them.

That's why Legalechems.com is the first US pharmacy online and international drugstore to become "Shopper Approved" through ShopperApproved.com. ShopperApproved.com is an independent third party online ratings site which allows every customer of Legalchems.com to leave a review and rating about their shopping experience after they have made a purchase.

Here is how Legalechems.com's Shopper Approved reviews are different than virtually every other US pharmacy or other online pharmacy site:

    Tens of Thousands of Reviews - No other online pharmacy in the world has been independently 5 star rated more than Legalechems.com has.

    Unedited Reviews - Reviews are collected through a third party's software which does not permit Legalechems.com to filter, remove or alter them.

    REAL Customer Reviews Only - Only customers who have made a purchase are permitted to leave a review because the review form is provided after checkout and payment. We also do not offer customers any inducements such as prizes or gifts for rating us. You can be sure that our Shopper Approved reviews are only written by real customers acting on their own initiative and for the sole purpose of sharing their Legalechems.com buying experience.

    All Reviews are Public - All of our customer reviews and ratings - good or bad - are available to the public. Just click our Shopper Approved seal to see them.

    Multi-Dimensional Ratings - Robust and meaningful ratings for the public to consider are ensured by having customers provide a one through five star rating on all of the following critical dimensions of the Legallchems.com shopping experience: recommend this company, would buy again, price, product satisfaction, delivery time and customer service.

How to Spot Questionable Reviews of US Pharmacy and Other Sites

How do you know whether a really good review might be one the site owner wrote or that a bad one might be one written by a jealous competitor? Here are some criteria which may mean the review does not pass the smell test:

    No Third Party Review Software - When US pharmacy reviews are posted on the very site being reviewed, check whether the site owners' own review software is the one displaying the review. (Look for the URL to change in your address bar from the site being reviewed to the third party ratings site's URL. If it doesn't, this may mean the site owner can manipulate the reviews you see.)

    Anyone Can Post a Review - Be wary of any site in which anyone, including someone who has not even made a purchase, can post a review about a pharmacy website. After all, reviews are only relevant if they come from people who have actually purchased from the vendor being reviewed. Open forums are replete with disingenuous comments from rogue competitors and Big Pharma lobby groups interested in disparaging legitimate US online pharmacies and international drugstores so that customers will continue to fund their coffers.

    Select or Few Reviews - Avoid US pharmacies or other online pharmacies with few or no reviews because this often means the site has few customers or is only hand selecting certain reviews to display to the public.

    Induced Ratings - Offering prizes or gifts in exchange for providing a review is problematic. Reviews given for the sole purpose of earning a reward from the merchant tend to be more positive than they otherwise would be for fear of being disqualified for the inducement when saying anything negative. Buying customer reviews equals biased customer reviews.

    Ratings on One or Few Aspects of Performance - An honest overall review of a company is better than nothing but prospective shoppers expect and deserve to get a robust and meaningful rating on all key aspects of a company's performance. We ask our customers to specifically grade us on all aspects of our performance for the world to see.

Legalechems.com is proud to be transparent with its customers and let them publicly share their detailed opinions about us in manner which does not permit us to alter or manipulate their comments or ratings. Please consider these genuine customer opinions along with our certifications from the US International Pharmacy Association, the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia, Norton Shopping Guarantee, Trust Guard and TRUSTe before you buy drugs online from a US pharmacy or other online pharmacy site.
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